The structure, durability, and quality of your home entirely depends on the quality of the roof. Every day your home is exposed to many elements, both from the inside and the outside. However, the component that is highly prone to wear and tear is the roof. Extreme weather conditions like very hot summers, high winds, and pounding rains can cause a lot of damage to the roof, especially if the roof is of low quality. As a result, you are likely to find several problems developing related to the roof’s integrity.

You might try identifying and fixing the roof problem on your own or fail to fix the problem right away to avoid a hefty roof repair bill. Unfortunately, waiting for too long before performing repairs might result in a bigger problem. On the other hand, doing it yourself might not be a solution. A roof repair company is supposed to take care of these issues.

At Los Angeles Roof Experts, we can quickly identify and fix your roofing issues. Furthermore, if the roof is damaged beyond repair or is too old for repairs, we can easily replace it with a brand new quality roof.

Types of Roofs, Their Costs of Repairs and Replacement

Different roofing contractors charge varying rates for their services. The majority of these roofers possess the skills and resources to conduct repairs in various roofs and roof materials. Although the roofers have varying costs, the type of roof you have installed in your house and the damage’s extent determine the cost of repairs. Discussed below are the various types of roof and how much it costs a homeowner to repair or replace them:

1.  Wood Shingle

Wood shingles are made of various types of wood like southern pine, cedar, and redwoods. These kinds of roofs are aesthetically appealing, which is why they are expensive compared to asphalt. Despite wood shingle roofs being absolutely beautifying, they have their shortcomings because they are easily exposed to mold during heavy rains and are not fire-resistant.

If your wood shingle roof has been damaged, the average cost of repairs is $375. However, if the damage is too extensive for repairs, you will need to replace the entire roof. Installing a wood shingle roof will cost you an average of $8,000.

2.  Clay Tile Roof

A clay tile roof is made from natural clay fired in a kiln. These types of roofs come in different designs and are more pocket friendly than slates. Tiles are more durable than other types of roofs, but they are heavy. This means that you will need reinforcement before installing these types of roofs, which makes them expensive.

The average cost of repairing a clay tile roof is three hundred and sixty-five dollars, while the cost of replacing your roof with a clay tile one is sixteen thousand dollars.

3.  Slate Roofing

Slate tiles are dense, natural, non-absorbent materials. The roofs come in various colors because the color depends on its chemical and mineral composition.  The chemical and mineral composition of slate tiles can change over time when exposed to different weather elements, which explains why the color of slate tiles changes when exposed to the weather. Slate tiles with minimal color changes are called permanent slates, while those prone to numerous color changes are called weathering slates.

Although slate roofing is non-leaching and can last for decades, it’s labor-intensive and costly. Your roof will also require reinforcement to carry the heavyweight of the slate tiles.

Natural slate tiles repair costs $525 while replacement costs $30,000.

4.  Metal Roofing

Metal roofings are made of copper, stainless steel, or aluminum. In the past, these types of roofs were common in warehouse constructions. However, with the advancements in technology, the roofs are being used to construct residential homes. Installing metal roofing has many benefits because you won’t need roof reinforcement as they are lightweight. The roofs are also fire resistant and durable.

If you have installed a metal roof and are having issues, repairs will cost you an average of three hundred and twenty-five dollars ($325). On the other end, the cost of replacing a metal roof with a similar one is fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000).

5.  Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are designed from a fiberglass material saturated with asphalt and coated with mineral granules. The resilience, pocket-friendly, and easy installation of these roofs make them a preference for many homeowners. Replacing an asphalt shingle roof will see you part with an average of eight thousand dollars.

Apart from the above types of roofs, foam roofs whose repairs cost four hundred and twenty-five dollars ($425), ply surfaces four hundred and fifty dollars ($450), and flat surfaces $370.

When you compare the average cost of repairing various roofs and replacing the roofs, you will realize repairs cost a fraction of the price. Therefore, whenever you have problems with your roof, don’t wait for the next season. Begin repairs immediately so that you can avoid replacing the entire roof, which will force you to dig deeper into your pockets.

Of course, the costs provided above are just an indication. If you want to know the actual cost of repairing or replacing your roof, you need to contact a roofing contractor near you for detailed quotes. We will provide you with a precise and detailed quotation with no hidden charges at the Los Angeles Roof Experts.

What are the Common Roof Issues You are Likely to Face?

A typical roof problem many residential and commercial building owners in Los Angeles face is roof leakage. However, this is not the only problem because you can experience many other issues with your roof requiring help from professional roofers. Some of these issues include:

Gutter Problems or Buildup

Although the areas around the gutter are covered, they collect a lot of debris, which, when left uncleaned, buildup clogging the system. Apart from waste, when rodents and birds get into these areas, they can also block the system. When this happens, it creates a conducive environment for the growth of mold and mildew. The infestation of your home by the mold could further result in health complications, which is why you need to prevent the issue on time.

When the gutter areas are clogged, they don’t play their role, eliminating water and other contaminants from the roof. This increases the risk of damaging the roof. It’s advisable to clean your gutters at least once a year to remove the buildup. Although you can do the cleaning independently, hiring a roof repair contractor is the right thing to do. Professional roofers will clean the gutter faster without damaging other parts of the roof.

Field of Shingles

The role of shingles on your roof is to protect and cover the roof deck. If your shingles are ruined, you will likely see loose or worn down individual tiles that leave the roof deck exposed. This results in water pooling, leakages, shrinkage of field membranes, blow-offs, and other related roof issues. Damaged shingles can be repaired within days but depending on the extent of the damages.

However, you should avail the services of roof repair experts like the Los Angeles Roof Experts instead of doing it yourself. You are encouraged to utilize the services of professional roofers because the leakages or water pooling might have caused an underlying issue that you are not aware of and one that requires the knowledge and skills of a professional.

Blocked Roof Valleys

The parts of your roof intended to route accumulated water to the edges and gutter for disposal called valleys. If the valleys’ installation is flawed, water is blocked from its usual path, hindering free flow. When this happens, the tiles experience a lot of pressure, which results in further damage to the roof. In the early stages, you might notice discoloration. However, if the valleys go unblocked for a long time, you will start experiencing leakages.

Flawed Flashing

The role of flashing on your roof system is to provide a watertight seal between the roofing materials, roof sections, and other parts of the building. This area should be carefully inspected and installed to ensure no spaces are left between the roofing system and the structure to allow water to enter.

The flashing acts as the first line of defense. Therefore, if it’s not installed correctly, there might be leakages that will result in rusting. The rusting will later grow into small chinks and later escalate to huge problems like leakages. If the problem goes unattended, it will result in the weakening of the entire roof. Therefore, you need a professional roof repair expert to repair the faulty flashing on time and deter further aggravation.

Ruined Soffits

The roof of your home extends to the walls of your house. The overhangs are known as eaves or rafters of the roof. The underside of the overhang after finishing has been done is known as the soffit. These parts of the roof create an excellent hideout for birds and squirrels. Squirrels and birds can make holes in the vents and chew the screens open. For this reason, you should monitor the soffits often to ensure there are no cracks or openings to accommodate squirrels and birds.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Roof Repair Experts 

If you have a roof-related problem, you should consider enlisting a roof repair company’s services even if you can fix the issues by yourself. Unless you are a professional roofer, putting out ladders to climb to the roof of your house to inspect the roof and perform repairs is not a great idea.

The last thing you want is to find yourself in a situation where you have done further damage to the roof or unable to complete the repairs.

Hiring a professional roof repair company to handle your roof issues is the best move for many reasons. Some of the benefits associated with enlisting these services of professional roofers include:

1.  Professional Roofers Have All Safety Measures in Place

Climbing a multistory structure to repair the roof without the necessary tools and skills puts your safety at risk. However, if you hire professionals to do the work, safety will be their priority. At Los Angeles Roof Experts, we have invested in safety gears and provided our roofers with the necessary training and certification to ensure they fix your roof safely.

After the repairs, we also clean up the site to ensure no hazardous debris or clutter is left behind that could harm your family, especially the children.

2.  Professional Roofers are Economical

Roof installation companies buy materials in bulk, enabling them to purchase the products at lower prices than when purchasing the goods as an individual. You will not get the best deal, so you end up spending more on roofing products making the repairs expensive. At the Los Angeles Roof Experts, we buy roofing materials at low prices, thus helping you save money with your roof repair projects.

3.  Labor and Material Warranty

An advantage of retaining professional roofers’ services is that a labor and material warranty is included in their contract. This means that after they have completed the repairs, any related roof issue that arises within the warranty period will be addressed at no extra cost. 

Aspects to Check Before Contracting a Roofing Company

Fixing or replacing the roof of your home is a massive project that needs to be done right. After all, the structure relies on the roof to shield it from various elements. Avoid taking chances because roof problems resulting from poor artistry can cause massive problems even inside the house.

Before contracting a roofer, some aspects need to be put into consideration. Some of the issues you might want to check before hiring include:

License and Proof of Insurance

Roof repair is a risky project because roofers might sustain injuries at the site. In case of a mishap, you don’t want to be the person paying medical bills and other compensation for the injured parties. Therefore, check to ensure that the company you are considering for your roof repairs carries enough liability and workers compensation insurance for their employees. That way, even if a roofer is injured at your site, you won’t be liable for their injuries.

Furthermore, you should check to ensure the company has a valid license from the relevant state or local government authorities. By working with a licensed roofing company, you are sure that these professionals meet all the California state or Los Angeles authorities’ requirements. Be sure to ask for proof of licensure because some contractors might make false claims.

Free Cost Estimates

Due to the high competition in the roofing industry, some professional roofers might lower their prices to appeal to customers. In the middle of the project, you may realize they have hidden charges. This might affect your budget as it increases the cost of roof repairs. So, before contracting a roofer, ensure they provide exact quotations or cost estimates of the project. That way, you will prevent surprises that may result from hidden charges.

Quality Craftsmanship

 When hiring a roofer, you want professionals who can prove they can deliver what you want. Ask the roof repair contractor you are considering for the project to provide at least three references from previous customers. Contact these customers and, if possible, visit their homes to seek the kind of roof repairs or replacements done by the company you are considering. Find out the experiences of these customers in the hands of the roofers. If they seem satisfied with the work, you might consider contracting.

Written Labor and Material Guarantee

You need to protect yourself from inferior materials and labor. You can ensure this by hiring a company that provides a written warranty promising to provide free labor or materials after the project, in case a similar roof problem arises within a given duration. The guarantee is usually offered in the contract. So, before signing, ensure you read and understand the specifics so that you can be sure you won’t incur extra charges if the roof repairs are done poorly.

On-Going and Post-Job Cleanup

 Roof repairs or replacements can take days or weeks to complete. Some repairs can be performed while you are still living in the house, while others will require you to move out. If you are still in the house during the repairs, you want the roofers to clean after themselves every day when they are done with work. This will ensure your family is not exposed to hazardous debris from the project.

 If you live somewhere else during the repairs, you want the company you are hiring to conduct the post-job cleanup. That way, when you go back home, you will find a safe and clean site that goes well with the repair or new roof.

So, find out if the roofers you are considering clean after themselves. If they do, you are in the right place, and you should consider hiring.

Find Roof Repair Experts Near Me

Roof repair is an essential part of home maintenance. If you spot a roof problem and fail to fix it on time, the problem could escalate, forcing you to replace the entire roof or causing other expenses. You should reach out to a professional roof repair company immediately to mitigate the costs. Call Los Angeles Roof Experts today at 818-928-8374 if you notice any problem with your roof. Our skilled roofers are available to offer a free initial consultation regarding your roof problems.